October 23, 2011

Pickin' Pumpkins

Saturday was our annual picking of the pumpkins! This year being even better than last year because Rachel was a very willing participant. She wanted to walk around everywhere and look at all the pumpkins. I had one picked out for her but she went ahead and found one by herself. I have to say that it's this kind of stuff that makes being a parent worth while. Watching Rachel take in all the scenery and really enjoying herself just put joy in my heart. Little Charlie was there too but he is, of course, still too little to participate. Next year though....oh next year!
Hum...will it be this one?
Or this one?
or maybe....?
Wait! I see one over there!
Pure joy!

She had a blast being pulled around in this and didn't even try to jump out.

Charlie boy just relaxing in the shade.

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