January 11, 2010

Neurology and OT

Rachel had an appointment with a neurologist and a follow up with her OT from the NICU on Tuesday at NC Baptist Hospital. She shocked her OT with how alert she was and how chubby she looked but also with how much she moves, moves, moves! The neurologist, on the other hand, was had to read. She was very serious through the whole appointment so I was thinking Rachel didn't look as good as we thought. But as we were leaving the appointment, the OT came out and told us the Dr. was very impressed with Rachel after all that she has been through. I guess the Dr. doesn't smile much but she found herself smiling after seeing Rachel. That was so nice to hear. Since she is our first baby, we really don't know what is normal and to know that she is developing great, even with Down syndrome and her rough start, is a welcomed relief. Plus, she doesn't want to see us again for another 7 or so months!

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