January 25, 2010

10 Random Things About Me

Ok, so my friend, Lynn, tagged me to do this so I guess I will. ;)

1. I love coffee - even more so now after giving birth. I used to hate it up until 2 years ago.

2. I am lazy when it comes to cleaning the house, but I hate when it is cluttered. As long as stuff is put away and the counters and chairs don't have things on them, I'm ok with the dust and dog hair.

3. I love sleeping in a pitch black room. Not even light from a clock is allowed.

4. Going to the dog park used to be the most relaxing ritual I ever had. Now if I can get a bagel before Rachel needs to be fed I'm thankful.

5. I love to give presents. I don't care if I get them.

6. Put me on a beach with a book and you can leave me there all day. I don't have to do anything to have a great vacation.

7. I watch too much TV but having a young baby in the middle of winter doesn't help that habit.

8. I am a loner but I have been making myself reach out more. Friends are important and I can't let them slip away because I'm Ok being by myself.

9. I love being a Mom. Never thought that I would but somehow...it happened!

10. I used to be a gym rat but now I could go a year not seeing the gym and it wouldn't bother me.


  1. MAN!!! You are sooo much like me... I never liked coffe until I had you. I hate clutter but not much into dusting & othr stuff. I need my bedroom to be very dark-no clock lights. I LOVE giving present and don't care about receiving them!!! I'm also a loner but try to reach out more so that I keep connected with my friends. I also never thought that I woud have kids but "it justhappened/"

    How weird!!!

    Love you Pumky!!!

  2. Dude, this is crazy. I literally could have written it (except the coffee one... I still hate coffee).


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