October 29, 2010


Along with the changing of the leaves, we've seen some changes in our Rachel. Since she's gotten through her funk (we still don't know what that was all about), her joyful self is back! Such a happy girl once again and I can't be more thrilled about that.
Rachel has gotten a bit longer. Her little feet now touch the back of the Honda's car seat while she's sitting in her carseat. She moves around constantly. The only thing that stops her in her tracks is a band playing on the TV or a music video. She also hasn't gained any weight in a month. I think the fact she hasn't gained any weight is because of all that movement. It's weird because pants that were too tight on her are now too loose. I am constantly feeding her though. Maybe I need to invest in some weight gain shakes like body builders use? :)
Rachel is also turning into a child who can fall asleep in her carseat and can be taken out of her carseat and put her in her crib without her waking up. Yay! Before recently, any little noise or movement of her body out of the seat would have woken her completely up. This is a change I'm glad to see.
Her PT also wants her to wear shoes for support now that Rachel is pulling to stand and learning to cruise furniture. I can't say that Rachel likes the shoes too much. I'm waiting for the day she figures out she call pull the velcro and get her feet out. I know that day is coming soon. She's a crafty thing. I've found a cute pair of sketchers at Rack Room that I plan on getting her. They are black and pink. Very cool.

Rachel had an assessment done for speech today. After weeks of her saying "dada", she had decided to stop really saying anything once again. She "scores" weren't all that great. But, I know that even if she can't babble the same as typical kids her adjusted age, I know she understands us and we understand her and that is all that really matters.

Tomorrow we are going to a birthday party and then Sunday is the big day of Halloween! I can't wait to get her all dressed up in her costume!


  1. ooo! can't wait to see what she's dressed up as!

  2. I wish she would have come out of her funk a little bit earlier! I believe she's concentrating so much on movement and getting places that talking just isn't that interesting right now. Knowing her, she'll start up in her own good time...!

  3. Glad your beauty is doing better. Sounds like you've got some good milestones coming along!

    Tammy and Parker

  4. She is doing awesome Maggie! It REALLY sounds like she is some kind of a "jump" stage. The growth, movement, having less speech, happier, sleeping better (like the carseat).... ALL sound like she is in the middle of some upcoming spurt. I can't wait to see which area(s) it is in. GO RACHEL! Can't wait to see you all again!


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