October 24, 2010

What We've Been Up To

Soooo, it's been a while. I'm sorry. It's not you, it's me. Really, you're great and I've been meaning to write but Rachel's been keeping me busy!

We've been on the go the last couple of days. We went to Touch-A-Truck which gives kids a chance to go inside a number of different vehicles like a police car, a milk truck, an ambulance. The Tumblebees bus was also there. Tumblebees is a gymnastics center and they have buses with some tumbling items inside. Rachel likes the small trampoline.

That was the only "truck" that she took any joy in. We got there around mid-afternoon and she started going downhill fast. I had to leave my poor friend there with her two boys in order to avoid a complete screaming fit. Thankfully, she fell asleep in the car on the way home and got a good nap in.

She's also been practicing pulling up like crazy and has gotten back in to rocking on all fours and even taking a few "steps" on her hands and knees before dropping to her belly to army crawl. She gave up rocking when she found out she could get to sitting from that position but I think army crawling is become too slow for her and she wants a faster way to motor around the house.
And don't let that cute smile fool you, she's been a complete crazy person lately. I have no idea what is going on but she has been having mini-meltdowns left and right. Once minute she's sitting there with me smiling and the next minute she's throwing her head back and falling to the floor crying. She's not eating as much formula as she used to but seems hungry all the time. She's also been really sleepy and takes her morning nap and then if we go someplace she's out cold every time we get in the car, which is really weird for her. After a nap she'll be ok for an hour or two and then she starts fussy and making her "I'm tired" hand gestures on her face. Over all, just not her usual happy self. I've checked for teeth and I feel/see nothing new coming in. Her temp has been a little higher than normal (around 99/100). Anyone have any ideas? 
My mom came into town on Friday and we went to the Pugs and Pals Picnic which is hosted by the Pug Rescue of NC. Even though Stephen and I are members and have fostered in the past, we haven't been able to support the rescue like we would like so I made a cake to bring as a little good will gesture. 
Looking at the pictures of Rachel makes me see that dang head tilt and it's become so annoying to me! I want my poor girl to have a straight head. Who, besides her PT, do I need to see? Should I get a diagnosis of Torticollis from her Pediatrician to get some real help?


  1. Lookin so sweet baby girl! That doggy cake is too cute!

  2. i know nada, but often vision stuff mentions head tilting as a possible symptom. Maybe try a pedi ophthalmologist?
    -k, mom to Nava

  3. Maybe Rachel has been talking to the twins, cause they have been throwing fits too! It makes you crazy!

    I thought her head tilt was cause she was posing for pictures!

    Have any of the drs said anything? Do they think it will correct itself with time? What does her PT say? I would think her PT (and she gets OT too right?) would have solutions.

  4. I love the cake, you are talented.
    Have you thought of a chiropractor or cranial sacral therapist to help her head tilt?
    I love the skinny jeans she had on, she is so sweet.

  5. Seriously, I don't see her favoring either her left or right. Maybe I just wasn't paying attention! Love her so much! Grandma C.

  6. The tired, hungry all the time thing sounds like she could be getting ready to have another growth spurt. Also right before Natalie has some cognitive type of spurt she gets REALLY cranky. Jolly to screaming to stimming to jolly all in minutes. Very odd. It usually lasts a month (or a little more sometimes) then we see some gigantic jump in language or cognitive dev. Hang in there mama, sounds like you are in for something good soon :)

    The head tilt does sound like Torticollis. I am not sure who to see for that as we were able to fix Natalie with the neck stretching 4-5 times a day for a week or two. You have had her eyes checked like pp said right? I seem to remember you saying her sight was good... Maybe just talk to your ped about it again and see which specialist you should go to next.

  7. Matt used to get cranky with ear infections... we wouldn't catch on right away because he didn't tug at his ear or run a temp.. but a few days into it we would make the connection and sure enough.. that was it...

    Gosh, can't believe how fast Rachel is growing! She is adorable.

    Love the cake!

    Aunt Missie


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