October 16, 2010

A Day with Pumpkins

Today, we went to Kersey Valley Farm to meet up with some friends and take a gander at the pumpkin patch. Well, we tried to get their to meet up with friends but Rachel did her classic "take a long nap when we are supposed to be leaving" trick. She usually only takes an hour nap max so I put her down at 10:45 thinking she would wake up by 11:45. Nope. She slept until 12:30. Yeah. So I fed her some food and off we went. What a beautiful day it was today too. Could not have planned a bluer sky. This was Rachel's first time seeing a pumpkin.
please tell me why we are here?

got a little too into the giggle

She also posed with Daddy on Elsie the Cow and on a truck with Mommy.

We walked around the farm after that. They had a corn maze, trolly ride and a couple other events that will be great for Rachel next year. I could totally see her running around that place. Before we left we stopped at a "dinosaur dig". The farm had a big area of sand for kids to dig in. Rachel never felt sand before so this was new to her as well. As soon as I plopped her in it, she was happy. That's my girl! But, I'm sure she regrets trying to eat some of it. Let's hope we don't have a repeat of that next summer.

i don't like sand in my mouth


  1. What a cutie! Yesterday was a beautiful day! Glad you all enjoyed it as a family!

    Lara ate so much sand this summer at the beach it made her constipated... I hope Rachel didn't do that!

  2. Rachel is beautiful! I have been to your blog a few times, I just read your post "shock to my heart" I could really relate to it, it was a great post!


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