October 5, 2010

Getting Over a Virus

Sweet Rachel got sick last Wednesday night. She started with a fever of 101 that progress to 103 by Friday afternoon. She was also throwing up a bit and was pretty congested. Her fever broke Saturday morning but it's taking a while for our girl to get back to her normal self. She is still congested and I think it's impacting her sleep. She is so sleepy during the day, you can just see it in her face, and is very cranky. Today was better but the last couple of days nothing we did was right. That is so frustrating. But, she has also been eating like a cow. That girl is putting down some solids. Rachel has always liked her solids but about 2 oz. was all she would take in one eating. Now she has 4 oz. and finger foods three times a day along with her formula. I think she would eat more if I let her but I'm concerned she won't be able to drink enough formula then. I am hoping that this is either the beginning of a growth spurt or just her way of getting over her funky illness. Anyway, she still found time to model some new clothes (brown is the new pink).

mom, this hood is too big!
daddy snuggle time makes the blues go away
after our walk today
her jeans are actually tights! they rock!


  1. Poor Rach!

    She is as adorable as usual. Yep, brown is the new pink!

    You cna see in her eyes she doesn't feel well. Poor baby!

  2. Brown is DEFINITELY the new pink! I hope little Rachel is feeling better soon ... you're right, it does take them a while to get over these little viruses. Can't wait to see you all Sunday ... I could really use it after the week I've had (more details later).


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