October 15, 2010

Little Dancing Girl

Rachel has found her rhythm! She has always loved listening to music and always stops what she is doing to turn to a music video on TV (or the local TV channel's weather commercial) but she has never "danced." We got her a new toy the other day and one of the tunes on there tickles her something crazy. A wide smile crosses her face and she bops her little head up and down and bounces on her butt. Just the cutest thing I have ever seen. Rachel's little dance has slowly crept over to other tunes from her toys. I've tried getting it on video a number of times but she knows when someone is watching her and stops what she is doing as soon as she sees that camera. I managed to get a couple of pics, but I think she wants to make sure her "steps" are perfect before we are allowed to debut it online in video form. :)


  1. I LOVE that gumball machine! Love the smile on her happy dancing face more though :)

  2. SO cute! She loves that gumball toy! You can tell she is a happy girl!


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