January 19, 2011

Cross It Off The List

Last week we paid a visit to Rachel's GI Doc. I voiced my concerns on her large amounts of poo and the fact that she has been around 18 pounds since September. I asked about getting tested for Celiac and he agreed that it was worth looking in to. He not only had blood taken for the Celiac test, he also sent some off to see if Rachel was a carrier of two certain genes. If she didn't have the genes, she couldn't develop Celiac. If she had the genes, Celiac was still a possibility even if the Celiac test came back negative. Apparently it's hard to get a reliable results with kids under age two.

The nurse called today and said her Celiac test was negative and she did not carry either of the genes in question. Whew! I am so happy to move past that issue. So Rachel's growth plateau is not due to Celiac or a thyroid issue (that was tested back in September).

We met with her nutritionist today as well just to go over what I was feeding her and making sure I was giving her enough to eat. It was recommended to put butter on everything and to add Carnation instant breakfast to her milk or yogurt to help her sneak some more calories in. I think I can manage that one. :)

Other than that, I had my Baby #2 work up done. Had a bunch of paperwork to fill out, blood to draw and a cup to pee in. I also got to hear the heartbeat with the doppler. Such a sweet sound. The little bean is doing good so far. Next big day will be the 12 week ultrasound on the 4th. I had a hard time deciding to do it. I declined with Rachel but I think if we are faced with "bad" news with this baby early on, I will have an easier time moving forward than I would have with Rachel. Because we now know what "bad" news looks like. My smiley, happy girl.


  1. Great News on Rach!! Good Luck on the 4th!!

  2. Congratulations! She is so adorable and I'm quite sure baby #2 will be, too, even with the typical number of chromosomes. :)

  3. Glad the GI visit turned out ok.
    ALL children hit a plateau at one time or another.

  4. good news for Rachel! I wish I was ordered to put butter on all my food...haha
    Good luck on the 4th...I'll be thinking of you!!

  5. just started following your blog, i'm a fellow November 09 mommy..ended up December mommy but i never will leave our wonderful group...
    Rachel is so beautiful and i love following her progress :)

  6. Funny how "bad" news becomes such a blessing! Sooo happy to hear our girl doesn't have Celiac! Hope to see you soon.


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