January 9, 2011

Hard Day.

Taken a couple days ago- pre-sickness
 Our girl is sick again. I knew something was up with the way she had been acting. I took her to the pediatrician last week and she had a slight temp but nothing else they could see. Well, she is now congested and coughing. She coughs a lot more at night and that makes for horrible sleep for her. She also refused to nap today and was an all-around crab fest. I had to take a mommy time out and put her in her crib with some toys for 20 minutes so I could take a shower and relax. Entertaining a sick child who doesn't want to nap is exhausting. It's times like these that I miss Stephen the most. If he was here we would tag team her and we would both get some "me" time and recharge our batteries. I know I'm not the best mom when I'm doing it alone. Also, she has been not napping great for over a month now. She will fall asleep and then wake up 30-45 minutes later screaming her head off and arching backwards. Nothing but a bottle calms her. Which makes me think reflux. But, if it's reflux, wouldn't she be doing the same thing at night? Also, I had her fall asleep on my chest while sitting in a chair and she did the same thing about 15 minutes into falling asleep. Again, if she is on an incline, wouldn't that keep her reflux under control? I mean, the girl is on 2 adult doses of Prevacid a day and a thickener for her milk, certainly her reflux has to be under control?? What is next?! Gar. Anyway, a visit to her GI doctor is scheduled this Wednesday. Let's hope she's well enough to get to it. I don't want to miss this appointment. My sanity and her nap time depends on it.


  1. my son was doing the same thing..sleeping for about 30-40 minutes then waking up or still sleeping screaming arching his back and it would take up to 30 mins to calm him down it was horrible..his peditrican said that it was a behavorial problem and not a physical problem that he was getting himself over tired from being more active and having a normal schedule thrown off and was too tired to get into a good sleeping pattern....it took us a week or two but we made sure he got his naps whether it was in teh car driving around for an hour or two or at home and got him to bed at a good hour and within a week or so he was back to his normal self ! good luck with your cute little peanut! :)

  2. So sorry to hear baby girl isn't feeling well. I know it's hard caring for a sick child, and I can't imagine how much harder it is alone, but please know that you are a wonderful, wonderful mother ... one that I admire. Hope we still get to have our playdate Saturday!

  3. Nothing sadder than a sick baby. Hope she's better!

  4. Milk allergy? That's what stoked my older daughter's reflux, which was out of control even with a twice-daily adult dose of prilosec. Ped diagnosed her with a 'cold' that did not go away for four months. A different ped in the practice mentioned reflux and allergies. Cut out the cow's milk, and things were a million times better. Anyway, might be worth a try.


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