January 28, 2011

Just Keep The Good News Coming

After our our time with Stephen in Huntsville, Rachel and I came home to a message from her kidney doctor on our answering machine. (Yes, he personally calls us!!) The second blood work she had done came back better. Her hemoglobin, hematocrits, and mean cell volume all came down. He didn't say if they were normal but he did say it looked better. We need to have her blood work done again in 3 months to make sure that everything is still going down in to normal range. Yay!

Rachel has been doing really well these last couple weeks. Well, except for sleeping - or lack of. She is working on cruising and standing on her own like crazy so that could be why she doesn't want to sleep. She is still working on teeth. Her top two and one on the top left side are coming in and taking their sweet time. I also think she has a couple more on the bottom coming in too but they aren't quite showing yet. I can't wait until she gets some molars and can chew heartier foods! We have a meeting with her ENT on Tuesday. I wanted to make sure we saw him one last time before we move. I'd like him to take a quick look at her tonsils and adenoids just to see how they are doing and to talk about her sleep apnea. I want to make the rounds with all her docs before we move and I think he is the last one.
In other baby news, my 12 week ultrasound is next Friday and I'm getting pretty excited about it. Initially, I was kind of "eh" about this pregnancy with everything we've had going on. But now that things have settled somewhat, I find myself thinking about this baby and hoping everything is alright. I know I can handle whatever life throws at me but right now I could use the break from things being eventful. Dear Baby F...please be really boring while you are cooking. Thank you, mama.

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  1. Teething can put our little ones in some crazy moods and patterns.
    Hope it calms down soon for you...and Rachel. :)


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