January 18, 2011

5 AM

The past two weeks have been a sleeping nightmare. Rachel will not sleep past 5am and she will not nap more than 45 minutes. I have tried moving her bedtime up to 7pm. It's not making a difference. She wakes up at 5am and yells, cries and whines until I get her. I have tried waiting until 6:30am and she just will not go back to sleep. She cries and yells for an hour and a half. I have tried making her nap time consistent. After 45 minutes she is awake and yelling and will not go back to sleep. The only way she will take a nap is for me to drive her around for 2 hours in the car. Not good for the environment, me or our wallet. And it's also not good for my brain. I am so tired. I need the nap time during the day if she is going to get up at 5am but it isn't happening. I am so tired.


  1. Must be in the air... girls are NOT napping either!!!

    Sweet hubby is gone this week for training and comes back for 3 days and leaves for a MONTH! I don't know what I am going to do!

  2. oh I so know where you are coming from especailly being pregnant, you really need a rest in the day when you wake so early (Owen also wakes early but is having a 2 hour nap in the day). It sounds like she has got quite a sleep deficit there - over tired. Will she sleep next to you in bed - maybe you could nap together and as she starts to wake you could snuggle her back to sleep before she really rouses ? good luck hopefully a tooth (?) will pop through soon and then everything will settle down again.

  3. Oh we so know the feeling!! Sleeping issues are the WORST!! Hope things get better for you.


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