May 17, 2011

Slowly Turning Around

I think our luck may finally be changing. We found out yesterday that we have a renter for our home in NC and they will be moving in on the 1st of June. I cannot tell you what a relief this is for us. It lifts a HUGE weight off of our shoulders. We have a property management group managing our home for us so if there are any issues, they will let us know. But so far, they only have good things to say about the couple who is renting and I'm hoping this year will go by without a hitch and maybe they'll stay another year. Or maybe, they will want to buy the house.
Yep, she dumps it all out and then tries to climb all over it.
This week the craziness has started regarding Rachel and her services and doctors. We met with her new pediatrician yesterday and I couldn't be happier. He seemed very on top of things and pro-active regarding some of Rachel's medical issues. He set us up with new GI, kidney, and ENT docs as well as a recommendation on a dentist for Rachel. Rachel will be seeing all of these new people in the next three weeks. Rachel and I also met with her new service coordinator and EI therapist. They actually got to meet Rachel because she wasn't quite ready to nap yet. They were impressed with her abilities so far. They said we really must be doing some good work with her. It's hard not to laugh at that. I think Rachel does most of the work. She is the motivated one when it comes to getting around. We set up a time for her EI therapist to come back and start working with her. Her coordinator will get the other therapists in touch with me to set up times to re-evaluate Rachel, see where she is at and set some new goals. I am very impressed with how organized everything is so far and I think we will be very happy with all her therapists. Tomorrow morning, I'm taking Rachel to the ARC sponsored music therapy class. I have been looking for a music class for her and I am so happy that this is available. It's free to children receiving EI therapies. We should get to meet some other members of the BUDS group (Bringing Up Down Syndrome) here in town. I'm pretty excited and I know Rachel will have a great time.
"Look at my new chair from Grandma Cooklis!"


  1. Lauri Lyn & TylerMay 17, 2011 at 9:25 PM

    Sooooo glad to hear all the good news! Happy
    You are getting settled. I hope you a blast at
    Music class and meet some new friends! Miss u!

  2. It sounds like things are getting better! I'm so glad that you're comfortable with all of her new services.

  3. YAY for getting the house rented! That is a HUGE relief I am sure!

    Glad you got Rachel in and she is getting all her services started! She keeps getting cuter and cuter!


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