June 29, 2011

33 Weeks, No Tubes and Mom's Night Out!

Yep, here I am in all my 33 week pregnant self glory. I don't look like this every day. In fact, most days I'm in Pj's and a tank top (which you'll see in the other pics). But tonight was my first Mom's Night Out with the local Down syndrome group ladies. I got to pick the destination....Mexican food it was! There were 6 of us who met up and it was a good time. I got a good peek into what lies ahead for Rachel here in Huntsville. I am happy that I have another year to take it in before she starts. Some of the stories I've heard make me wonder if I'll make it through her schooling without killing a teacher or vandalizing a school. Let's hope it doesn't come to that!

Rachel's ENT appointment on Tuesday went fantastic! All the fluid is out of her ears and she passed the air pressure test. No tubes! We go back to the ENT in 6 months for a follow up unless we have a reason to bring her in earlier. Let's hope not. Tomorrow Rachel gets blood drawn for her kidney doc appointment next week. Please, please, send good thoughts that they won't have to stick her more than once. And that is all the news I have....and now just some cute pics!


  1. You look great... no wonder she is SO stinkin' cute!

  2. You look great, 33 weeks is a big deal too. When did Rachel begin to look so much older? It looks like she is losing her cute chub.
    Angi (mom to Elizabeth)


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