June 3, 2011

We've Been Busy!

It's been a while since my last post. We've been busy here! My dad came down for a week long visit. Rachel was so excited! So much so that she couldn't calm down to sleep and ended up crying her little head off a couple nights in a row. Grandpa left today and guess what? She went down for a great nap and bedtime without a peep. I guess being with boring old mom all day will do that to a person. :)
Playing in her big girl chair
Rachel went to the dentist for the first time. What a great experience it was! Everyone there was great and her check up was brief. I was surprised that Rachel actually laid back on the exam chair and didn't put up a fight when the doctor was checking out her teeth. He commented on how sharp her front bottom teeth were and put it out there that leveling them down was possible in the future. Not sure how I feel about that. I guess we'll see in 6 months when she has her next check up.

We met up with her ENT who checked Rachel's throat and said her tonsils were not large at all. He said that between a 0 and 4 her's are a 2. Which is really good. He also looked in her ears and said that there wasn't any fluid and set up a hearing test for the following week. We go for the test and she did ok with the hearing part but flunked the air pressure test thing. We saw the doctor right after that appointment and sure enough, she had fluid in her ears. Amazing how that happens in a week, no? Soooo, she is now on antibiotics to try and knock out whatever could be causing the fluid build up and she will be seen again in three weeks to check the fluid. If she still has it, then we'll probably need to go ahead and have her get tubes. Rachel's biggest weakness is her speech, or lack thereof, so I want to make sure we are doing everything possible to help her overcome that. Being able to hear clearly is on top of that list.

Speaking of speech, Rachel's new speech therapist came to the house last week. I LOVE her. She is tough. She makes Rachel work, work, work with signs. I was so impressed. Poor Rachel was worn out after she left but I know this woman is going to do great things for her. I can't wait until her next session!
She tried to take her shirt off....almost did it!
 Rachel is in the big girl walkers club. She walks everywhere now and loves it. It is still the strangest thing to see her upright and looking so much older. She has had to have grown at least an inch in the last three weeks too. All of a sudden she's able to reach the ground with her feet on her riding toy and all her clothes are tighter, her pants fitting just right. I never thought that girl would grow again after being in a stand still for about six months! 

Flying Air Dada
In new baby news, I will be 29 weeks, 3 days on Sunday. That is when I was checked in to the hospital in labor with Rachel. This pregnancy has been night and day in comparison with my pregnancy with Rachel. Everything has gone so smoothly. It's just unbelievable and I am so thankful. The little booger is a mover too. Wow, he moves my stomach every which direction and I can feel his head (?), butt (?), foot (?) poking out. It's strange to be able to feel that little hard part of a body inside your own stomach or to see it move across like a wave under your skin. I find myself wondering what he is going to look like more and more. Only about 10 weeks, give or take, to go. Time is moving so fast these days.


  1. I hope they figure out her ears! Poor girl! She's getting so big!

    Next thing you know she will be taking her clothes off, working on the shirt is the first thing, then the pants. That's all the girls do and then watch out cause that means they want to take the diaper off too! AHHHH! I found K naked during naptime today!

    We have that Carter's striped dress too!

  2. I love to read your updates about Rachel and now your new baby boy.. It's so wonderful to see families grow and little babies thrive and develop!
    I hope your experience with Huntsville is getting better! I will call you next time I'm in Alabama.. probably around September or so.. I'm sure you'll be super busy with the new baby, but I will still call you!
    Love ya!


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