June 27, 2011

GI stuff, ENT stuff, Girly Weekend Stuff!

Reflux is still an issue in our Rachel's life. I've tried repeatedly to reduce the amount of Prevacid she is taking to no avail. Her new GI suggested an endoscopy to see if there is any damage being done and to take samples to biopsy. The endoscopy showed now damage being done to her throat but the biopsy did show signs of irritation. He wanted to up her meds even more. Um, no thanks. She is fine where she is at and the point of the endoscopy was to see if I could reduce her meds. Seriously the girl doesn't need to take Prevacid three times a day. So we are stuck where we are at. We have a follow up with the GI in July. I'm sure we'll talk about other options then. I just wish Rachel's insides would "tone up" so she wouldn't have to be on so much medication and we could get rid of her liquid thickener. Plus, giving her 4 ounces of milk 5 times a day so she doesn't spit up all over the place is really inconvienient for traveling out of the house.

Tomorrow is her follow up with her ENT. He will be looking for fluid in her ears. I have a feeling it's still going to be there. She's been teething like crazy trying to get that last 1st molar in on the right and it's keeping her stuffy. I will probably be back on here posting about her getting tubes put in. Stay tuned!

Rachel was supposed to see her kidney doc last week but I had to postpone it. At the endoscopy they had to stick her 5 times with a needle to get an IV in to give her the sedative for the procedure. The kidney doc needs blood. There wasn't anyway I was going to subject Rachel to more sticks right after that nightmarish happening. So it's been moved to next week. Wish Rachel luck with this check up. I would love to see that her kidney is growing again and that all her blood work is normal. Again, kidney issues are not something that we need to mess with right now or at any time.

On a lighter note, I took a trip down to Atlanta for a much needed ME weekend. Since Rachel has been born, I have never had any real time away. I knew I needed a break before this new baby comes so I contacted my friend, Lori, down in the ATL. I know Lori through a friend of mine who I've know since Kindergarten. They went to college together. I actually hung out with Lori once while we were in college but that was it until I had Rachel. Come to fine out through my friend that Lori has a little girl, Natalie, with Down syndrome too. Since then, we've been in touch pretty regularly through email and facebook. I also got to meet a fellow blogger, Debbie. Debbie moved to Atlanta and her daughter, Addison, is in school with Lori's daughter. I saw Addison in one of Lori's pictures and my jaw dropped. I couldn't believe that this person, this blog I was following, actually knew someone I knew! After that I knew we all had to get together.
We arranged a full day of pedicures, manicures, lunch, shopping, massages, laying by the pool, dinner and a good nights sleep in a hotel! A dream come true and we had a really good time. I wish I would have taken some pictures but I didn't feel like being a tourist. I just wanted to relax. Lori took a couple pics with her cell. I'll include one from dinner. We went to Trader Vic's. Um, it was in the basement of the Hilton and it was the creepiest dinner ever. We probably should have left but it was just so weird that we had to stay.
Um, Peanut Butter...and it was gross.

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  1. What a nice time. I should plan something like that too before our next one comes along.
    I hate hate having Elizabeth poked so my thoughts are with as you have to pin the poor sweet girl down.

    Angi - ELizabeth's mom (for whatever reason I cannot sign into my google account when I comment)


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