June 11, 2011

Today Went Swimmingly

A good day in Huntsville was had by all.
At Alli's birthday party

 Rachel went to her first swim lesson today. It was a "try out" class to make sure she would like it before we really signed her up. The lessons are on Saturday mornings, last for 10 weeks and are going to be "father and daughter" time for her and Stephen. Stephen said the class went great and that Rachel really loved it. She even got dunked under water! I will go to at least one of the classes to get some pictures because I really need to see my girl in action and I know you want to see her too!
Rachel's new swimsuit from Grandma Fluck
We also went to a birthday party for Rachel's new friend, Alli. Alli turned two! Her family had a pool party, hot dogs and cake. Rachel had a ton of fun in the pool and her and Alli really do get along well. It's so nice to see. I hope they grow up and become really good friends.
"That looks yummy!"

"let me help you with that"
Happy 2nd Birthday, Alli!

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