July 12, 2011

But It's Mostly These Days

A little bit ago I wrote this post about the future. About how daunting and scarey it can be. But mostly, I have these days. Days when I am so completely in love with our little girl that my heart explodes. Days when seeing her accomplish a task, like learning a new sign, makes me the proudest mother in the world. Her squinty smile full of naughtiness or the way she looks over her shoulder at me as she is about to make a break for the dogs water bowl fills me with joy beyond explanation. Tonight it's the giggles we get before bed when she is having fun with Dada. They wrestle on the ground and he picks her up and flies her around. He lets her climb all over him and she loves it. Happy days like these are what make up most of our life together.


  1. Man she looks huge! Have I been that out of the loop? I just try and enjoy both my babies. I had a hard look at the future while in Cali, and I try to not think about that yet!

  2. I can't believe how big she is!
    and don't you love watching your hubs play with her?

  3. those are the times to remember. feeling like your heart will explode is exactly the way to explain it. it happens over and over and you can't remember a time where they were never in your life. what a feeling! love you Mag. Mom

  4. I know the feeling...there are days when I barely survive until bedtime. Then there are days when one of them walks over and for no reason kisses me..Ahhh...makes me tear up. I love them more than anything! I would do anything and everything to keep them safe and from hurting!


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