July 31, 2011

Family Time

Today Rachel, Stephen and I went to the Huntsville Botanical Gardens to enjoy the new water features they have for kids (and adults!). It's such a great garden and what they have done for the kids is just fantastic. So many things for them to get into like digging in dirt for worms, playing in the sand to make sandcastles and little "ponds" and water features to cool off in or just rinse off the dirt! This is the second time Rachel and I have been there and once again the other adults didn't seem to want to enjoy the water too. Oh well, their loss! I can't imagine watching my kids cool off in the water while I sit by and bake in the 93 degree heat. No. Thank. You! So, we were there for about 2 hours and had a lot of fun. Rachel played with the rocks and splashed in the water and overall entertained herself. It was nice to just hang out, just the three of us, but I can imagine how much fun it will be when the little guy gets here and he and Rachel are old enough to run around together and make messes in the sand and dirt. I can't wait to join them!


  1. That looks like such a good time! Rachel looks like she enjoyed it too! She's so cute in her matching hat and sweet suit!

  2. I LOVE our botanical gardens where they have the water and fun stuff too! I do get wet, but they don't let the parents in their suits. I just bring a change of clothes! Wish you lived closer, we would have a blast doing that!


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