July 5, 2011

A Morning at the Playground

Last week, I took Rachel to the brand new all-abilities playground, EveryBody Can Play. I was excited because I knew it had fake grass and Rachel could walk around and explore without having to worry about falling and scraping her knees or hands. She had a blast! There were two large gym balls that she pushed around the whole place. She had fun looking at herself in the mirrors and trying to climb up the slides. The only thing that we didn't like was the swings they had installed were too large for her to use. They had big kid swings and other swings with safety bars but when I brought it down it covered Rachel's face. Not exactly good for swinging. Other than that, it's great and I know we'll be back more often. We've even planned a play date there in the next couple weeks! I've also heard rumors that they will be installing some water features!


  1. What an awesome park! I wish we had something fun like that around here... Hope you're feeling well!!! :)

  2. That place rocks! Wish I lived closer!


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