December 13, 2009

Small Update

The Prevacid for Rachel's reflux seems to be working great. She has been eating really well without any of the issues she was having and she is in a much better mood most of the time! Last night she went 3 hours between feedings and I'm hoping that is a step towards sleeping more through the night. I could use the break!

Rachel is starting to finally fill out her newborn clothes. She is closing in on 7 pounds and is starting to look like a normal little baby and not a preemie. It's strange to hold her against my chest and have her body take up most of my upper body space. I hope she gets long enough soon that she fits in to the footie clothes...they are so cute!

We had a little photo shoot last week for our Christmas cards this year. I dressed her up in an outfit my mom got her. It was really too large for her to wear but you only see the hood and sleeves in the picture so it was OK for that. I'll post the card up here once I've sent them out.

This week we have our first meeting with the Early Intervention team. They will come on Thursday to evaluate Rachel and let us know what her strengths and weaknesses are and what we need to do to help her. They will also set up times for therapists to come and work with her here at our house.

It's funny how you don't understand all the things the government does do for people in need until you are those people. We have Medicaid for Rachel, which brings all our co-pays for doctors visits and medicine to ZERO. We have this Early Intervention team who comes to our house to work with Rachel and that costs us nothing as well. There are so many wonderful programs out there and we are really thankful that they are in place. Without the government, we would be having a very hard time right now.


  1. It's great that she's doing better. I just love her chubby cheeks! Oh, this is Tiffani, one of the WTE November mommies.

  2. Rachel Jane looks amazing! I'm glad she's doing so well! Keep the pics coming, I love to see the progress!


  3. I have gone on your blog many times a day to see my sweetie pie!! she is gorgeous punky!


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