December 6, 2009

Doctor Visits

This month alone, Rachel has 6 doctors appointments. We had three last week - a follow up with her surgeon, another trip to the pediatrician and an eye appointment. The follow up with her surgeon went great. (The picture above is me and Rachel with Dr. Pranikoff) He said she looks good and we'll see him again in three months. The eye appointment didn't go as well. It was early in the morning and Rachel is not an early bird. She did not want to open her eyes. The doctor had to put drops in to dilate her eyes and then had to pry them open with his fingers. She screamed and that was so hard to take! The poor skin around her little eyes was all red and puffy after that for a few hours. :( The rest of the month consists of meetings with the Gastroentologist, OT/Speech therapist, and the kidney doctor. Talk about your co-pays adding up!

We have also been battling to control what we think is reflux in Rachel. We've tried one medicine and have moved on to another. She was spitting up a lot yesterday and was cranky so we called the doctor and she called in another medicine for us to try. This morning was her first dose. We should see improvement by tomorrow. It's hard to know what a normal baby does and I find myself thinking something is wrong all the time because of all the things that have happened to her. Is her grumbling every five minutes while sleeping normal? How about coughing or hiccuping all the time? What about extending her tongue out until it looks like she is gagging? Are those normal things or is that reflux? I will see how this medicine works in the next two days. If I don't see any improvement I'll be taking a trip to the pediatrician again.

On a different note, I just want to say congratulations to my friend, Lynn and her husband on their new baby boy, Dexter! He was born on his due date of November 30th which is only 4 days later than what Rachel's due date should have been. I also have two other friends who are due very soon. One had a due date of December 4th but is now scheduled for an induction on the 9th. The other friend is due on the 9th! So, needless to say, I'm excited to have friends with babies around the same age as Rachel. It will be good to be able to talk to them about our kids and the daily struggles they grow up.


  1. You know my Lo has the same issues-coughing, hiccups, and grumbling and restless sleep along with the spit ups, i take him back to the dr next week and i think he has reflux too!
    on a side note, i am not sure what state you are in but does your have an early intervention program? ours here is called First Steps and i work with the kiddos in it and once htey get out of it but it helps with the costs of therapists-like Ot, Pt and SLP. I am sure you would know about it already but thought i would mention it!

  2. OMG Maggie I could have written that post too! Natalie had reflux which was kind of a pain but totally controlable. She was on Zantac first but that SUCKED! Avoid it if you can although docs try to go right to it first. ugh! Prevacid was our miracle drug of choice. She still spit up more than a typical baby (due to the lower just comes back up easier) but she did it without pain, choking or aspirating and those were our main concerns with reflux. PLEASE feel free to call any time if you want to chat. :)
    -Lori (and Natalie) Free

  3. I love that picture with the doc! :)


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