December 19, 2009

A New Friend and Product Endorsements

Yesterday, Rachel and I took a trip down to Charlotte to see my friend, Lynn, and her new baby, Dexter. Lynn had Dexter on the 30th of November so technically Rachel and Dex are are about the same developmental stage. We tried to get a picture of them together but when one was awake the other was sleeping. In these pics Rachel was hungry and wanted nothing to do with the camera. This was Rachel's first time meeting a new friend!

So far there have been a couple items that have really been helpful since we've had Rachel home. The first item my friend, Bec, recommended. It's the Bath Luve Frog. It's like a large washcloth that you soak in the warm bath water and lay on your baby to keep them warm during their bath. Rachel really likes it and never cries during her bath.

The second item is Dr. Brown's Bottles. These have been wonderful as I have stated in the past. They really reduce gas and Rachel is better able to control the flow of milk.

I also really like the Fisher Price Lion Swing we got. We can put her in that and in a matter of minutes she is fast asleep.

Lastly, the Halo Sleep Sac is great. Since she was in the NICU for so long she because used to being bundled to sleep. She is also so active we have to restrict her movement in order for her to relax enough to fall asleep. This product allows us to do that and keep her warm at night without the need for a blanket.

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  1. The pictures are so adorable!
    ...and I should try the Bath Luve Frog.. I also fear that Gaby gets cold during her baths!


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