December 30, 2009

Family Plan and the Nap Nanny

Jane, from Early Intervention, came to our home today to set our plan for Rachel. She was really impressed with how well she was doing so far as far as how active she is and how well she holds her head up while she is on her tummy. We have arranged to have an OT (occupational therapist) come to the house twice a month to help us with Rachel's feeding issues. She doesn't have too much to work on for feeding but as far as her mouth muscles go, every helpful exercise we get will benefit her down the line when she begins to talk.

Jane will check in on us twice a month to update Rachel's progress and to see if there are any other services that are needed. She is also going to see about getting us help with affording her formula. The formula is a special kind for preemies and babies who had a low birth weight. Rachel's pediatrician wants to keep her on it and I've found that, on average, it costs about $10 more for half as much of the amount of normal formula. Not cool. I guess it used to be that if you had a child who qualified for Medicaid you automatically qualified for WIC (women, infants, children), a program that helps families afford food, but Jane seems to think that it may have changed. I don't know how much we would use it but I know it would come in handy for the formula cost at least.

Overall, it was a nice meeting. Jane was very friendly and I'm happy she is our coordinator. She seems like she knows what she is doing and will give us all the information that we need to make good decisions for Rachel.

On a different topic, my mom bought Rachel a Nap Nanny ( I have been waiting for this thing to arrive and it came today. I read the testimonials on the website and it sounded like a miracle working seat. I'll start putting Rachel in it during the day tomorrow to get her used to it and hopefully by the end of the week she'll be ready to use it at night and maybe, maybe, we'll all sleep a little longer and better! So, here's to hoping!

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  1. My daughter is on a medicaid waiver and we get WIC because of that. Everyone said probably not because we don't mean the income requirements. I figured it was worth a shot and the lady at the WIC office said as long as she has medicaid our family can get it. Give it a try, that stuff is expensive!

    By the way, your little girl is gorgeous!


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