December 21, 2009

Kidney Doctor News

We took Rachel to see the kidney doctor today. When she was at Brenner's, the doctors were worried that she may have been refluxing urine. She has been on antibiotics since she was discharged from the hospital in case she was refluxing. They did a test on her today that involved strapping her arms up by her head, body and legs to a table and inserting a catheter and injecting blue die into her bladder. WHAT A HORRIBLE NIGHTMARE!! I am so happy we never have to do that again. Rachel was so upset and screaming like I've never heard her before. It was the saddest thing I have ever seen. The good news out of that is they found nothing wrong with her kidneys and she is now able to get off the antibiotics! Yay, that's one less thing to squirt down her throat. The doctor there also had another blood sample taken to check her bilirubin levels. They were still a little high (2.5 when they should be 1) so she will continue to take the Actigall to combat it. Apparently, this will just take some time to correct itself. The kidney doctor, Dr. Linn, said he was amazed at Rachel's progress. He has been in charge of that part of her care since she was admitted to Brenner's in September. He said with her condition the way it was when she came in to Brenner's, he was thinking of all the things that they may need to do for her but now she is fine. It was great to hear. Our girl, our little fighter, always proving people wrong.

We also had a pediatrician appointment to get Rachel's second round of Synagis. It's a shot to help protect her lungs since she was a preemie and preemies have lung issues and are more susceptible to infections. Rachel is now 7 pounds, 5 ounces and 19 3/8th inches long! Wow! She is fitting in to her adorable footie outfits too. Pretty soon she's be out of her newborn stuff. I can't even believe I'm typing that. It's crazy for me to see how different she is in three months. I don't know how I'm going to handle her growing up even more.


  1. Maggie, I feel your pain and Rachel's regarding the catheter. When Ryan was three months old they did that to him and that was the most awful thing I have ever experienced...the only good that came out of that was that getting vaccines pales in comparison and becomes much easier after that. I am glad to hear Rachel is doing well and we are looking forward to seeing you guys on Christmas Eve!

  2. ohhh, what a sweetie. i'm so sorry that she and you all had to go through all that. it's so sad to see our little ones in pain. but it sounds like she is improving everyday. what an angel she is. oxo

  3. What a horrible thing to do to a baby!!

    Glad it gave her a clear bill though!

    Man that had to be horrible to watch! Gosh!


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