December 29, 2009

First Time in a Dress

Rachel is finally big enough to wear some new clothes...the 0-3 month sizes! She hit 8 pounds today too. We had a follow up doctors appointment this morning with the gastroentologist and I wanted her to wear something nice for a change. I put her in a dress that our friends, Priscilla and Rich, got for her and gave to us while I was in the hospital after her birth. She is so cute in her little dress! Jewel tones really look great on her like they do on me. We at least have the same skin coloring since she seems to look like Stephen in most of her other features. So, that is nice. LOL!

Tomorrow, we meet with Jane, the early intervention coordinator assigned to Rachel. She will come to our house and we will sit down and devise a plan for Rachel to follow and what services she needs, if any, right now. It should be an interesting meeting and I'm sure I'll be posting about it tomorrow.


  1. Beautiful little girl in a beautiful green dress!

  2. OMG how precious!! I just love her cheeks!! They are just pinchable!!

  3. What an adorable outfit! She's so pretty.


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