August 19, 2010

11 Months Old!

Our baby girl is rounding the bases to her First Birthday. She's almost home. Eleven months old today and she's already turning in to such a beautiful and capable little girl. Found out her eating issues are not related to the food. It's because she wants to feed herself. She ate broccoli. cauliflower and chicken without any issues because she did it herself. Our little independent munchkin. How we love her.

morning playtime
yum yum...mum mum!
"no photos please"
all dressed up with someplace to go!
"i don't think you are paying attention to me..."
"now you'll pay attention to me!"


  1. Every day she gets even more beautiful! Happy 11 months, Rachel! And way to go feeding yourself like a big girl :)

  2. OMG she is just adorable! Little miss independent feeding herself! Way to go Momma! She is doing GREAT! You and Stephen should be so proud of your family (I know you are) and yourselves!


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