August 21, 2010

We Finally Meet and Rachel SITS!

The play group that I have formed for "special needs" babies finally got together today. Four out of the six of us (so far) met here, at our house, for some relaxed play time. We had two boys and two girls and I think everyone had a nice time. I really enjoyed just hanging out and talking. Cute kids are a bonus!
Kristin and Carter
Korey and Jack
Victoria and Tierney
Rachel also decided that the meet up would be the perfect place to debut her sitting skills. Again, I think she practices this stuff while we are sleeping. This past Thursday she would barely sit for a couple seconds before toppling over and then today, ta-da, she's sitting up to 10 minutes by herself while eating Gerber puffs off the blanket or playing with a toy. Truly amazing. Now we need to work on teaching her how to get to sitting position and from sitting to stomach position. We actually have some new goals that our PT can help us with!
sitting at the play date
later today eating Gerber puffs off the floor
"see mom, i can do it!"


  1. She's adorable and so are her little friends!
    I'm glad she's sitting now! Great milestone!
    Love you always!

  2. So glad we could share a great day with you and your sweet girl! And, also so happy that she chose our special day to sit up on her own! Yay! Go Rachel! One more thing ... when are we going to send out "Save the Dates" for Rachel and Jack's wedding in 2035?!?!

  3. she is such a little smarty pants!! and the face is totally like "hahaha.. i proved you wrong.. AGAIN!" and OMG, is that carter with all the crazy hair? i LOVE it!!

  4. She is a cutey! Maybe she practices in her crib?

    Cute babies! Glad you have a good support group with other mommies!

  5. aaww look at her sitting up! It's a whole new world when they start doing that!


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