August 15, 2010

Ear Infections, A Visit and The NICU Reunion

As you know, Rachel has been battling ear infections for close to a month now. She was put on a new antibiotic last Wednesday and was on it for two days before the effects showed up. Her reflux came back something horrible. Our poor girl was screaming and arching and so unhappy ALL day. The antibiotic was changed but by that time it was too late and she had had enough. Her stomach was done. We stopped giving them to her on Saturday for the rest of the weekend and today she is like a brand new girl. Ear infections hurt but they do not affect her like the antibiotics do. So, back to the pediatrician on Monday. Not sure what is next but obviously we can't let her ears not be treated. We have a feeling tubes are in the very near future.

My friend, Allyson, came to visit this weekend too. At the time it was a good idea because Rachel wasn't feeling the full effects of the antibiotics. Well, let's just say that I'm happy that she was here though because it was a tough weekend with Rachel not feeling well and Stephen at work, I really needed the help. We did manage to get out, just the two of us, on Friday and Saturday nights for dinner and then a movie. I really needed the break and it was so good to just hang out like old times. I only wish Rachel had been feeling better so I wasn't so exhausted by the end of the day.
(Eating Allyson's hair. yum!)
(I want it!)
Today at Women's Hospital, where Rachel was born and spent 4 days in their NICU, was the NICU Reunion. It's a time for all those babies born and cared for in the NICU to get together and see the nurses and doctors that cared for them. Even though that time was a complete blur and I can't remember any of the wonderful nurses, I will never forget what they did for us. I wanted to go and at least show support. We did get to see Lisa, our old EI therapist and Rachel had a lot of fun playing and meeting new people. Everyone kept telling me how cute and pretty she was.
(After a day like that, naps are mandatory!)


  1. My best friend's son just had tubes put in about a month ago. He was getting ear infections constantly. A couple days after he was done with one course of antibiotics, he'd have another infection. It was a very quick procedure and he hasn't had an infection since! Hope they are able to give Rachel some relief!

  2. Poor Rachel and her ears! Poor YOU! It is hard being the primary care giver and feeling exhausted at the end of the day! I'm sorry!

    She is getting so big so fast! My goodness! She is a precious angel!


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