August 25, 2010

Pug Love

I guess one of the things you worry about when you are about to have a child is whether or not your pets will accept the baby. You would be thrilled if they loved them like their own pup but you'd really just be happy if they didn't try to eat the baby and stayed out of the way. Our two dogs, Dizzy and Jack, were a concern for me. Jack is pretty laid back unless a baby gets in his space or hits him unexpectedly. He is 10, after all, and old and grumpy so I expect that of him. Dizzy has always been skittish of everything and has snapped at other people's kids. I was scared that Dizzy would be an issue with Rachel in the house. I could never have been more wrong. Dizzy loves Rachel. He will bring her a toy to "play." He comes right up to her, lays down and rolls over, expecting her to be able to rub his tummy. She reaches out her little hands to grab an ear or eyeball and he doesn't flinch. I think Rachel and Dizzy are going to be inseparable as she grows older. If anything, Dizzy knows that she will at least drop him some food from the highchair and that alone scores her high points!


  1. Elizabeth StrasserAugust 25, 2010 at 10:17 PM

    This is precious! Our boxer loves Tyler so much, but Tyler is more interested in our terrier who gets annoyed with him. I also love that when you say, "big girl push ups" she does it! Smart girl!

  2. Were the other kiddos Dizzy was around toddlers? Their size might have creeped him out and with Rach being little she is easier to deal with? IDK.

    My dogs (5 yrs old now) are unsure about the baby, but LOVE the girls! They have been around toddlers since they were puppies, so the toddlers are full of energy like they are and will let them chase them around (that is what happens when you have sheltie-mixes ... they are natural herders).

  3. Cute!! Dexter loves Bateman. I'm trying to teach him to touch nicely instead of pinching the animals. It's not really working, haha.


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