August 24, 2010


Yesterday, I let Rachel "kiss" my face and it hurt! I put my finger on her gums and I swore I felt a large bump on the bottom left front of her gums. This morning it didn't seem to be getting bigger so I thought maybe I was wrong but this afternoon I checked again and low and behold...something scratched my finger! She has her first tooth coming in and on her daddy's birthday, no less. As soon as it's easy to see (and if she lets me) I'll take a pic and post it. Our little girl is getting so big!


  1. Too fun!!! We're sitting at 15 1/2 months, and we don't have a THING. Not a start. No bump. NOTHING. Even her doctor was chuckling the other day... We have tooth envy from here!!! :)

  2. Watch's only the beginning!! We now have 4!!


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