November 22, 2010

Meeting Santa

The Festival of Trees, benefiting Brenner Children's Hospital, was held this weekend in Winston-Salem. My friend, Priscilla, went with Rachel and me. Rachel napped on the way to Priscilla's house so she woke up ready to eat when we got there. We decided to go to Hams Restaurant for lunch.
This is the second time Rachel has ate at a restaurant in a big girl highchair and she's done great both times. I think that she just loves being in a new place with lots of people and things to look at. She loved her grilled cheese and we shared an "ice cream sundae." I put that in quotes because it was more like one of those little cups of ice cream you used to get in high school lunches. You know, the ones where you have to peel off the lid and eat it with a wooden spoon? Anyway, it was topped with whipped cream so I guess that made it a sundae in the eyes of that restaurant.

After lunch, we drove to the festival and Rachel took another little nap. I felt bad waking her up as I put her in her stroller. She really was fast asleep. The festival was loud and busy. Priscilla and I walked around and admired the trees and looked at the crafts that were for sale. Rachel was very good for the whole thing. Right before we left, Santa came back from feeding his reindeer and we were able to get Rachel's picture with him and Mrs. Claus. Rachel wasn't scared of Santa but she didn't care either way about him. She just wanted to talk with Mrs. Claus!
Don't you think Mr. and Mrs. Claus are looking a little tan coming from the North Pole?


  1. Rachel is a smarty, she knows "behind every good man is an even greater woman"! Go Rachel!

  2. Too cute. She knows Mrs. Claus is the one with the cookies.


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