November 30, 2010

Kid's Meals

NOT Rachel
Over this past week of traveling, I've figured out why a lot of moms tend to gain weight when they have kids. It's the kid's meals! They are humongous! Everywhere we went I would order a meal for myself and for Rachel and I really should have just got a meal for her and ate the rest of it. Not only would I have saved money, I would have saved my waist a TON of calories. You order a "kid sized" hamburger, for example, and it's not even close to being smaller. It's the same size as yours. AND the amount of french fries with the meal is mind blowing. Really, do you think a child needs a basket of fries for themselves?? Today, we stopped to eat at Shoney's on the way home from PA. I got Rachel a grilled cheese and green beans. I was thinking, "yeah, green beans will be good. Even if that is a huge portion it's still green beans." Ha! Guess what..the green beans were covered in bacon. BACON!!! BACON!!! I had to laugh. I think the most nutritious meal Rachel had at a restaurant was a breakfast burrito from Starbucks. Eggs, salsa and cheese in a wrap. She didn't eat the wrap. I did. Which leads me to another reason moms gain weight. Leftovers. I sit and pick at what Rachel leaves on the plate. I pick at what she is eating while I eat my meal. Something is wrong with this picture. I really need to take a step back and think is eating the small bite sized pieces off her plate attractive? I must look like a starving person. "Oh, look at that poor woman eating off her child's plate. She must be really poor and unable to have leftovers." It's time to put things in check. Christmas is coming and I'm not playing big ol' Santa!


  1. I don't buy kids meals! We split meals. For me and the three kiddos I order three or four of the smallest burgers available and we share ONE medium fry. We sometimes split milks, since the little one is just learning to use a straw (I just ask for a cup at the counter and take a smidge from each of the bigger one's cups for him).

  2. I pick off 2 kids plates! Must be why I am still fat?

    That and shovelling the food in my mouth to eat before they finish as well as get the kitchen cleaned up too.

    Hmmmm... my stomach still resembles Santa's. I could play Santa in the mall! Maybe I will for extra money so I can pay off the playroom bills?

  3. so true...
    and I don't even know why I eat my kids leftovers...I've seen where those hands have been...and then I shudder...

  4. I feel ya on this post!

    I wanted to let you know that I nominated your blog for an award. Just head on over to mine to see what it is and what to do. YAY us!

  5. We don't normally get kids meals. He just gets part of one of our meals. Since portion size is out of control in restaurants, it keeps us from over eating and him full! :)


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