November 1, 2010

More Photos, OT Assessment and Food

special thanks to aunt melissa and uncle frank for this outfit :)

Halloween was a good day until I decided to do a "photo shoot" outside. Rachel seems to be really allergic to grass. Soon after coming inside her nose started to run, her eyes were watery and she was miserable. I didn't even know if she would make it trick or treating.
come off....
come off already!!!
alright, i give up and i'll just eat some of this grass...
But she did and we had fun. It was nice to be able to be out trick or treating again. Sometimes kids give you great excuses to do things you normally wouldn't be able to do as an adult.
Rachel had an assessment for OT today. It went well. I love the OT and it's looking good that she will be working with Rachel once a week. She's going to help us with fine motor skills and strengthening the muscles in her mouth and lips. We will also be upping Rachel's PT to once a week. So, she'll have PT, OT and EI therapy. Yep, she's my part time job.

We also finally got the Simply Thick and have started using it today. So far so spit up! And, (insert drum roll here) I think we have moved into only finger foods. No more baby food! She will still get fed yogurt by me and maybe some fruit puree here and there but everything else she will feed to herself. It's been nice sharing meals with her. Today we had pancakes with syrup, grilled cheese and chicken fingers, sweet potato fries and green beans. Next on the list of things to do...switch over from formula to milk.


  1. Awwww, what a sweet little cow! :) I hope the Simply Thick continues to help her. How great that she is eating big girl food!

  2. Go Rachel such a big girl!!!! Love the cow costume, too cute!

  3. Oh, if all cows were as cute as you I could never eat another hamburger. You sweet little bit.

    Rachel, could you come over for a munching date, please? Jace still refuses ALL foods, but maybe he'd be willing to attempt some if he thought it would impress a cute girl. Think about it. I make a mean chocolate chip cookie.


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