November 13, 2010

More Updates

Rachel and I went to Brenner's yesterday to get the x-rays taken of her neck. To make sure she stayed still and straight, they had to strap her down to a board. Kind of like what a paramedic would do with a patient they think has a spinal cord injury. Rachel has been strapped down like that before and she HATED it. I thought for sure she would scream bloody murder again. Nope. She smiled at the technicians and just kept looking around the room. Never let out a peep. That's my girl! Dr. Chad called us personally Friday night and told us that her x-rays look normal. I'm happy for that but now we just kind of wait and see what happens with the head tilt. I hate "wait and see."
Rachel is moving along in her transition from formula to milk and after tomorrow she will be on all milk. Goodbye formula! Can't say I'll miss you or the money you suck out of our pockets. The Simply Thick has been working so great for Rachel. She hardly spits up anymore. Her constipation is also so much better because she no longer has the rice added formula. Right now, she is in great health. I just hope this continues through the holiday season.
I'm pretty excited for this Christmas. We will be able to go downstairs as a family and just enjoy the day. I'm so happy Rachel will really appreciate the tree and lights this year. She'll also be able to unwrap her own gifts. I know the wrapping paper will probably be the most exciting "gift" she gets as far as she's concerned. I have plans for us to go to the Festival of Trees this year too. I wanted to go last year but Rachel was just too little and we were just too tired! I hope Rachel will also get to experience snow. I'm not sure what she will think but I think it's important she gets to see and feel it.
Other than that, there have been some interesting events going on in the Fluck household. But, I'll keep you all in suspense for now. We haven't decided anything yet.

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