December 11, 2010

Finally Feeling Better

I can't breath through my nose
Sick Little Girl
We are still coughing a bit and Rachel's nose is a running like a stream but I think it's safe to say the sickness is on the way out the door. On our travels home to PA for Thanksgiving, Stephen picked up a cold from my dad and passed it along to Rachel and I. It hit us fully the first day home after visiting Alabama. Saturday Rachel woke up from a nap and she was struggling to breath. She was better after about an hour but I knew this would be something that would happen again at night while she was sleeping and we'd be running around with our heads cut off at 2am trying to get to the ER. So, I went to the ER that afternoon to avoid that scenario. She was diagnosed with croup and given an oral steroid. Even though it wasn't an instant cure, I believe that by getting her that steroid at the first sign of croup kept her from getting really bad. Sunday, sickness hit me hard. I really thought I was getting the flu. Stephen was at work so it was just me (wanting to curl up in a ball on the floor with three layers of clothing on trying to keep warm) and cranky girl, Rachel. We were quite the pair.

Rachel's croup got better but she was sooooo congested that she coughed all night and when her nose was completely blocked she'd cry out for me to help her. Stephen finally took her to the pediatrician begging for help while I went to the doctor the same day and got meds for the sinus infection I had developed. Rachel received Nasonex. A gift from the gods! I never in a million years would have thought of using that for a cold but it helps reduce swelling in the nasal passages and it worked from the moment we used it. Snot came running out and she slept through the night for the first time in a week! The next day she took two 1.5 hour long naps!! She has been sleeping soundly ever since. So, that makes mommy feel better. Sleep is good. :) So after a week of feeling crappy, it's nice to know that feeling healthy again is just around the corner. Well, that is until we go back up north to NY to visit Stephen's family for Christmas.

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  1. Baby sickness is so awful :( I'm glad you guys are feeling better!


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