December 7, 2010

Sweet Home...

Alabama. Yep, we're moving.

That is what all the secrecy has been about. Stephen was given an offer for a job down in Huntsville. He told them he wouldn't make a final decision until I got to see the place. They flew us all down there last week and he told them on Monday that he'd take the job. I can't say moving won't be hard. Which, for me, is funny to say. I've always loved moving and new places and I guess I still do. But, this area will be hard to leave. Don't ask me why Greensboro, NC pulled me in. I don't know why I feel so at ease here, like I was born here. I think it's because from the moment we moved here we've had nothing but good experiences and first experiences. This house will be hard to leave. We had it built. We decorated it and just got a fence put it. I love the woods in the backyard and I love our neighbors. It's just perfect and quiet. This house will always have so much meaning to it. It's our first home. We had many friends over and special times. And of course, we brought Rachel home to this house.

Finding our niche in Huntsville may be harder because of Rachel. I am not looking forward to getting services going and picking out new doctors because I love all of the ones we have here. It's going to be hard to say good-bye to Brenner's. I always feel safe knowing they are only 45 minutes away. Will I trust a new hospital the same? It's weird what preemie/differently abled parents worry about. I'm sure most people who move with typical children are just concerned with the school system. And that is still a concern for us too, but our concerns are different and harder to please.

I also have such good support here. I do not have family here in NC but I've seemed to always have people I can count on and have felt like they are family. Our local Ds group has also been wonderful. Lauri Lyn, I will always be thankful for you. You came into our lives at such a difficult time and you looked me in the eyes and I knew it would be ok. Do not stop doing what you are doing. Meeting with you in the hospital after Rachel's birth and all the info you gave us was heart warming. I have to say the frame was my most treasured gift. It told me that Rachel was worth showing off and it will always hold a picture of her in it.

Anyway, before I get too sappy, we have a couple of months before we actually move. I'm sure by then I'll have cried while talking to everyone I know and you will all be glad to see us go. ;)

p.s. if you are a luker and you live near Huntsville, please drop me an email and give me your take on where we should live.


  1. I have no doubt that you will find great support in Huntsville and awesome doctors for Rachel!

  2. Good luck with the move! Although I'm looking forward to moving, I'm not looking forward to finding new docs for Jax!

  3. Hey! My parents live in Auburn, a bit less than 4 hours from Hunstville.. I visit them quite often so I will definitely make the drive to see you next time I'm in AL!
    Good luck to you!!


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