September 5, 2010

When Language Isn't a Barrier

It seems most of the time the world is talking about how different we all are. How we are all different looking, acting and speaking. There is a ton of time spent on keeping different people out of the country. There is a hard line to get over sometimes when you meet someone new, someone different than you.
There are some things though, that cross that line. Some things leap over the language barrier. Like motherhood. I can not tell you the number of times I have been with Rachel and I have seen another mother in a store and her child won't stop crying. We connect eyes for a second and these thoughts are said without words "It's ok. I completely understand." Today, at the park, I was walking down the path with Rachel and in the distance I heard Spanish being spoken and a child crying. I could see the mom carrying her son and the dad pushing the boy's bike. I didn't have to understand Spanish to know what was going on. Mother to mother we saw each other and smiled. "I completely understand." It's amazing to me how childbirth can connect women on so many different levels. How that one act can, in most cases, overcome the differences between us because we lived through it and the only other person out there who understands is another mother. If only there were most experiences like that in the world that everyone could go through together and connect. I think we would have more compassion for one another.


  1. So so true. And I find myself relating to things I was completely clueless about just a short time ago.

  2. Beautiful post! I totally know the feeling...and have had quite some moments like that! ;)


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