September 21, 2010

First Birthday Bonanza!

not my best work but still cute
Rachel's first birthday has came and went. Wow! What a nice weekend it was too. The weather was beautiful and we celebrated with plenty of friends and family. Here are a few pictures from that day along with a video of Rachel digging in to her first cake. I also did a little time line in pics as well. :)
ice cream dress!
rachel and grandma c
rachel and mama
enjoying the tissue paper
dexter and lynn
catrina and kingston
what was left of her smash cake...yummy!



  1. Happy Birthday sweet girl. You have come a long way.

  2. Cute as can be! Love the camera flashes going at the rate of a strobe that girl popular or WHAT???
    Jace is celebrating HIS first birthday this weekend, and I'm so afraid he won't touch the cake! If he does, it will (literally) be the first time he's EVER atempted to put food into his own mouth. Sigh. There's always next year. Rachel, we'll be watching your video repeatedly as a training course for this weekend's bash!

  3. Was the paparazi there? LOL

    She is precious! And isn't it amazing how much they grow?

  4. That was adorable! Love the smash cake video! She's a pro! and how about the paparazzi around her? Too funny!
    Thanks for sharing! I'm glad she had a wonderful birthday!

  5. Oh she's just precious and the cake looks darling! Happy first birthday sweet girl!

  6. happy belated first birthday to your adorable Rachel!


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