September 8, 2010

She Doesn't Want to Eat...

if I'm trying to feed her with a spoon. Example: Yesterday, I was trying to feed her some spaghetti from a jar. She wanted no part of it until I plopped down a big blob on her tray. Only then did she dig her chubby little hands into it and bring it to her mouth to eat. I added some shredded cheddar cheese and she was in heaven.
Mommy doesn't care if I'm messy :)

Today, I tried again to feed her with the spoon. Once again, I was denied. So I tried letting her "feed" herself with it. I let her grab the spoon and I put my hands over hers to guide her. First I said "we dip it in the bowl" then "we put it in our mouth!" After she did it (with my help) I cheered like crazy and she thought she was the smartest girl alive. We practiced a couple more times and each time she got more of a handle on where the spoon was going to go. I am going to have to do this with her every day now. Maybe she'll be using it all by herself by November!

Looking at the pictures above you can see Rachel still tilts her head to the left. We went to the ophthalmologist on Tuesday to make sure it wasn't an issues with her eyes. Thankfully, the doctor saw nothing with her eyes. We will really need to get some good tips on how to get rid of it from her PT next week when she comes to the house.

Also, it's been almost a year since Rachel was born and since I started this blog. The music I originally put on here reflected those first couple of months and how I was feeling. I do not think they accurately reflect how I am feeling now: happy. So the music will be changed in the days ahead as we find our way back into the Fall season. The best season of all!


  1. Oh she is a big girl now. Lara was the first to deny me of feeding them off the spoon. The only thing I can feed them is yogurt. Somehow yogurt is the shanizzle-my nizzle, so they "allow" the yogurt feedings.

    Wow she really is almost a year! How does this happen?

  2. I just can't get enough pictures of her. She just amazes me on a regular basis!


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