September 25, 2010


GI Doctor Visit - Our visit went really well. I told Dr. GI that Rachel does well on the double dose of Prevacid but she spits up a lot more but if we take her down a little bit on her dosage she gets really cranky even if she doesn't spit up as much. He suggested we use something called "Thick It" to thicken her formula. She is on a rice added formula but because she is on such a high dosage of the Prevacid, the formula can't get enough acid to thicken. He wants us to use the Thick It and see how it goes for 2 weeks and then try to wean Rachel down on her meds again. The only problem is that 2 weeks worth of this stuff is $90 and not covered by insurance. So, I'm going to call him on Monday and see if there isn't something else similar that insurance would pay for. If anyone else out there has any ideas, please let me know.

Chris Farley - Ok, this is random but Rachel has been doing something we've called Chris Farley arms. Do you remember when he used to swing his arms side to side and say "in a van down by the river?" Well, she looks like that. It's so funny! I have to get it on video to post on here. She's always just shook her toys up and down so side to side is a new deal.

Celery - A while back one of our blog friends posted about how their daughter was encouraged by their PT to practice chewing on celery sticks. I stored that info in my brain and actually used it today. Rachel had a celery stick to chomp on during her dinner and she did great. I think she liked it because it helps with her teeth and she can hold it easily. Again, a video of that will come later.

Pulling up - She isn't doing it yet but she is getting darn close. Her upper body is getting stronger every day and she is grabbing on to us, if we are laying on the floor, and trying to yank herself up. She is a little uncoordinated but I know she'll get it. If she is laying on the ground, on her back, she will grab on to our fingers and do her own little pull up and sit up. I don't have to help her at all. This is a huge improvement that has happened over the last week and a half, since her PT was here last. Before she would grab on, but make no attempt to pull herself up. She is getting it, that girl. Those wheels are turning and I am so proud.
Rachel and her preemie outfit. Such a big girl now!


  1. So precious!

    I don't know about the Thick it... will ask pediatric BIL. Get back to you tomorrow. I hope. The girls are sick with colds and were not letting me do anything today. Hopefully tomorrow is better. But if I can I will call him and shoot you an email.

  2. hi Sorry I dont know how to send personal messages versus posting it on the board. I was on the WTE boards at the same time as you and I read your blogspot weekly or so and I created an account just could i could send you a message... you're an inspiration to all of us. Some dyas your blogs bring me to tears and others have me laughing- i love to read the stories and see the pictures of rachel- she is absolutely beautiful! my son was born 11/14 and I love to see them reach milestones - it seems as though he and rachel are on similar timeframes for their milestones. gotta love it!
    anyways- keep blogging. I work nights and enjoy reading your blogs at work and love to see rachel's progress! keep up the good work girl!


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