September 2, 2010

Sleep Deprived

Our Rachel used to be a little sleepy angel. I could count on her to go to bed at 6pm (even when awake) and stay asleep until her 4am feeding and back to bed until 7am. Night time was wonderful and peaceful. I would put her in her PJ's and  feed her formula and we'd rock together. Then I'd just hold her and rock her before putting her down for the night. It was the best time of my day. We don't have that snuggle time during the day anymore so this was the last little snuggle Rachel I had left.

Well, somewhere between the double ear infections, horrible antibiotics and the tooth coming in something switched. I loath night. I am stressed about it every day. I can still rock my baby to sleep but after I put her down, that is another matter. She will sleep anywhere from 4 to 6 hours and then starting moaning and yelling. It's not really a cry but it can go on for hours until it becomes one. We've tried rocking her. We've tried the musical seahorse. We've tried ignoring her. But nothing puts her back to sleep except a feeding. Nothing. Even then, she wakes up 3 hours later doing the exact same thing. We thought maybe she was hungry because she wasn't getting enough during the day but we stuffed her full of formula and solids during the day to no avail. We got the same results.

So we only have two options left: her reflux is still an issue or she picked up some bad sleep habits. To fight the reflux, she's started taking Mylanta and probiotics. I've also upped her dose of Prevacid up to the full amount again. To fight bad sleep habits, I had to change my night time routine with her and that is what hurts the most. I have to feed her downstairs a half hour before she goes to bed so she doesn't fall asleep while feeding and associate being able to go to sleep with eating. No more sleepy little baby in my arms as we rock in the chair. Before I put her down, I read her a story. That is it and I hate it. I want my happy night time ritual back. So for any of my followers who are or have gone though this, please tell me it gets better. Or, if you have another option for me, please let me know. I hate losing this time with her but I guess it happens sooner or later. I just want it to be later.


  1. I don't have any advice...sorry!

    Have to say, I have never gotten one on one time, so I am a little jealous!

  2. Oh Maggie! I'm sorry Rachel's sleeping schedule is messed up.. We went through this with Gaby too and the only think that worked was CIO (cry it out).. Some people think it's brutal but it works with most babies, especially if you know she CAN sleep...
    It took us about a week of CIO until Gaby turned into a sleeping angel. Also, what you're doing about NOT feeding her right before bed is a great idea.
    I read a book called "Secrets of the Baby Whisperer" and it talks about the EASY model (Eat-Activity-Sleep-Yourself), the last one being time for YOU!
    Anyways, I really hope you can figure this out soon! I totally know the feeling!

  3. I don't have any great advice but I have had a similar situation. Ella was the GREATEST sleeper until she was about 18 months old and then she started waking up during the night. I would try holding her and kind of rocking her back to sleep and then as soon as I would go to lay her down, she would cry out again. I did the horrible thing of bringing to my bed even....something I had NEVER done before, not with any of my kids. She has done this off and on for the past year or so but since these last two rounds in the hospital, she has suddenly been sleeping great again. So, basically, I am thinking that it is a phase that I am praying that she has completed. Good luck, I know how hard it is!!


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