September 27, 2010

Heavier Things

Day to day, I constantly try to keep a good attitude and not let things get to me. I try to take things in stride and hang on to the motto "things happen for a reason" during tough times. When Rachel was born and with everything that happened those first months, it was hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. But after a year, we have hit a smooth patch and I'm proud of our girl. I'm happy with her progress and I'm not stressing about her therapy or her being behind. I know she will do it whatever it is when she is ready and I'm not going to worry over it. We are all in a good place.

Last night I went to another Ds Mom's Night Out. We get together about once a month and I try to get to as many as I can. It's such a good place to talk about issues that you may have or hear about issues you may face. One of the moms has a son who has started pre-K and, on top of that, has had car issues, battles with medicaid and the health care system. She was one of the calm ports in my storm during Rachel's birth and seeing her like that made me sad because I know I was seeing into my future. In a couple years, the battles will really begin. I will have to fight for Rachel and it's going to be tiring and it's never going to end. People are not going to want her in their classrooms. They are not going to want to offer her a job. They are not going to make life easy for her. I am going to have to research, plan, argue and push to get the best opportunities for Rachel to learn and grow. There are going to be hurdles so large I'm going to doubt if I can get over them. But I will. I have to. And I know I have their support, these other moms, these super moms who I know in person and online. Just like they had my friends back tonight, I know I will be able to go to them and cry and they will tell me the words I need to hear to keep me going. Right now though, I am going to breath and just enjoy our baby. I'm not going to waste today worrying about what tomorrow may bring.


  1. I know there will be battles to fight in the education system, but I was a teacher, once upon a time, and I was honored to work with students with disabilities and there were some truly great teachers who worked with us too. I hope you find some of those along your path as well.

  2. Hang in there,Sweetstuff.
    Nothing's promised. I can think of teachers who certainly breathed sighs of relief when I was placed in other classrooms. (My mother being one of them!)
    I was looked over for jobs and grew from the other obstacles that found their way into my life's path...just like Rachel will grow.
    We can't keep our littles safe from stupid people and we can't keep them from the same hurts that happen to all people as they're growing.
    The nice thing is, Rachel will always have a soft place to fall. And a kiss on the forehead waiting before you send her back out to try again. And that's all anyone can hope for...and more than most people ever get...and it's all because she has an amazing mom who loves her to bits.
    I think she's going to be just fine. She's in very capable hands.xoxox

  3. I've told you my story and told you all that my sister meant to our family... There were battles, there were wars, but there was always happiness in every day we got to spend with her...
    I'm one of those shoulders you will have to cry on whenever you need to.. and I hope to be one of those you share your laughter with as well!
    Love you all!


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