September 23, 2010

Fun at the Pediatricians!

(had to show off her new shirt)
Really. It was Rachel's one year check-up this past Tuesday. She was so excited to be there because she LOVES the paper on the exam table. And I tell you, I cannot get enough of her playing with it. I wish I found joy as easily in the simplest things as she and all babies do. She checked out great, got her shots, cried for a couple seconds and then we went home. An uneventful doctors visit. THAT I like. Tomorrow we follow-up with her GI doc to talk about her reflux. At our last visit, he wanted us to take her meds down and see how she did. Every time I reduced just one dose down to half, her reflux flared. Soooooo....we'll see what ideas he has. He seems like a great doctor so I have no doubts we'll be trying something new. I'll update tomorrow and I'm sure I'll have more cute pics of Rachel playing with exam paper.
"here daddy, try some!"


  1. YAY for an uneventful appt!

    They all love paper? It is like baby crack! The girls love it too and play with it and we even have to take some home everytime!

  2. I have to ask at what point did the pediatrician walk in during all that fun?!


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