March 30, 2011

20 Weeks

18 weeks, 4 days
Tomorrow, I will be 20 weeks along. Half way through this pregnancy. I cannot believe it. They say all pregnancies are different and that has been correct in my case. With Rachel I was so sick my first trimester. So. Sick. And then around 9 weeks I had rib pain under my right rib that never went away. I had to sleep with my arms over my head on the couch. Not fun. I had the worst time sleeping to. I think I had insomnia. And to top it off, I had gallbladder attacks. Rachel made pregnancy not fun. Needless to say, I was pretty scared I would end up with another pregnancy like that. Thankfully, this one has been a breeze so far. Very mild nausea in the first trimester and that has been it. I feel fantastic and I sleep great. If it wasn't for his kicking I wouldn't remember I was pregnant at all! Since finding out we're having a boy, I have started to get that nesting instinct in full force. It's hard not to buy everything. I keep telling myself to wait until we've moved so we won't have to move more stuff!'s hoping the next 18 or so weeks left go by just as smoothly and uneventfully. Thank you, little booger, for making one thing easy (so far).

All snuggled up. :)


  1. He's beautiful...
    hoping the last half is as great as the first half...

  2. It was the total opposite for me.. Olivia's pregnancy was a breeze and Gaby made my life hell!!
    I'm glad things are working out for you!


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