March 22, 2011

Busy, Busy!

Rachel and I have been putting in some major fun time. I think we're trying to cram it all in before we move. On Thursday, we went to the zoo with two other friends. The zoo was kind of disappointing. There was a lot of walking but most of the animals were sleeping or the exhibits were closed. Even the food places were closed. At least it was a beautiful day.

Playing in the synthetic mulch
Holy huge gourd, batman!
Friday, we went to the local garden and had Rachel's 18 month pictures taken (18 months!!). It was about 80 but sunny and with a nice breeze. I think the photographer got some good shots and I'm happy that we got some nice pictures taken. We didn't really get any 12 month ones and with the new baby showing up so close to her 2 year birthday, we may not be able to get those done either. I'm excited to see the pictures and we should get them before the end of the month!
We went to a play date on Saturday morning. It had been a long time since we got together with this play group but Rachel had a blast. She just LOVES other kids and especially shy little boys. She had fun playing in their ball pit, with a play car and outside with some bubbles. We hope to get together with this group again before we move.

My friend, Kylie, came to visit with one of her little boys on Sunday. That didn't go so well. Rachel didn't sleep well the night before and so was cranky and needed a nap. Unfortunatly, that nap took place in my arms and Kylie had to leave before Rachel woke up. Let's hope the next time we get together it doesn't happen again! Also, Rachel figured out she can open cabinet doors. The first cabinet she opened? The one with the pots and pans. Go figure. :)
Yesterday, we had our big news along with Rachel's 18 month check up at the pediatricians. I am happy to announce she is getting much closer to 19 pounds finally after 6 months of staying at about 18. She is 18 pounds, 10 ounces and 27 3/4 inches. Again, I'm not sure about the height measurement because I swear she's longer than that. At least 28 inches. But whatever, as long as she is growing and maybe will get out of 12 month clothes by the time summer rolls around!
This coming weekend we are visiting more people and then we take off to Huntsville to visit Daddy and look at places to live. Moving day is getting closer and I'm happy to see the end in sight. Still not looking forward to finding all new doctors though. Gar!


  1. The warmth sounds lovely. It is still snow packed here and below zero.
    The playdate looks like it was fun, Elizabeth always favours the boys. I think it is becasue she can boss them around.

  2. She's gorgeous! You're an amazing mom! Congrats on your news btw!! And you just gave me some pretty great advice I would have never thought of on my own! Now you've got my wheels turning!:)
    Thank you!!!


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