March 15, 2011

Growth Spurt

By growth spurt I do not mean physically, although she has grown taller, I mean developmentally. This past week Rachel has decided that she no longer wants to be a baby. She had truly entered toddlerhood. She has two molars coming in along with the top two teeth that have already broke through. She holds her own bottle...finally. That is a strange site to see. She is standing without pulling up on furniture or me and you can tell she is thinking about taking that first step. Rachel drank from a straw today. too I guess all that spitting and sucking the spit back in, as disgusted as it makes me, was actually helping her learn how to purse her lips together. Rachel also wants to eat big girl food. No more little bites please! She wants to take bits from big pieces of anything. She is also learning how to hold on to the food and takes bites of it instead of trying to shove the whole thing in her mouth. Tonight we tried out Utz's White Cheddar Curlz. She loved them and crunched happily away. I am really enjoying this new side of my girl. It's nice to see her grow and become more confident in herself. Please enjoy the  video but ignore me in the background. I was talking to her daddy. I needed to tell him how big his little girl is getting.


  1. She is getting to be a big girl! Isn't amazing how one day they don't do something, and the next day they do! Soon she'll only want whatever you are eating, even if she has the same thing! I should be skinnier than I am!

  2. isn't it amazing how all of a sudden they take off? I swear, Brooke holds out on me until she can smell my panic then has one of these weeks!
    congrats Rachel on toodlerhood! (she knows a baby is a-coming...she needs to step up)

  3. she is getting so big and independent and adorable as always!


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