March 8, 2011

So Much To Say

Raiding the pantry...
Rachel has been on a roll recently. She signs "all done" and "more" (her version) consistently. I never thought we would get those signs down. I feel like I've been doing them FOREVER. So to have her do them and understand what they mean makes me very happy. We are really starting to communicate!
She likes to "sneak" up behind you and peer over your shoulder.
But the big deal in our house right now is Rachel stood independently for the first time yesterday. Her OT was over for a session and Rachel just stood up in the middle of the living room. I swear that girl is a show off and she waits for an audience to do major stuff. Of course she hasn't done it since but now that she has I know it's only a matter of time until it's an all the time thing. Which will lead us to walking! And then running....oh boy. I am so happy she cannot reach the door knobs in the house!
Over the weekend Grandpa Cooklis came for a visit. Rachel thought he was a lot of fun. She especially loved to yank the glasses off of his face. He also came with us to the annual Down Syndrome Group of Greensboro's family event at Tumblebees. It's a huge gymnastics place. Rachel was in heaven. A big room with cushy floors and lots of places to explore. That girl didn't stop crawling or climbing or pulling up for the whole hour we were there. She was pooped! I'm going to have to look into a gymnastics place down in Huntsville when we move. I know she will have a blast at a weekly class.

We also had a little play date today with Rachel's first love, Mr. Jonas, and his mom. It had been a while since they really hung out but the chemistry was still there! Rachel couldn't wait for a hug!


  1. way to GO, sweet peanut! love, love that pic of you grinning over your pretty mom's shoulder. such pretty ladies...what a star you are, rachel!!!

  2. We use Signing Time videos to teach the little ones in my daycare how to sign. They love it!
    Even before they can talk, they learn signs for please, thank you, more, eat, etc...
    It reduces the frustrations of not being able to communicate.

  3. Check your library for the Signing Time videos ... that's where we get them.

    Check out their website, too.
    You can read the Coleman's story of how they got started.


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