March 3, 2011

A day late...

I was going to post for "Spread the word to end the word" yesterday but Rachel had a bad night and I ended up holding her for a while before heading to bed myself. But I thought I was still worth posting about.

Before Rachel, my mouth let out a slew of words. I try hard to not swear in front of her now. I realize how ugly it sounds. While "retard" or "retarded" may not technically be swear words, used in every day speech to describe how you forgot something "I"m so retarded" or how you messed up the words to a song "I"m such a retard", they become swear words. I know this word is in everyone's language and unless you have a child with special needs or know someone who does, you would probably never give a second thought to saying one of the above phrases. I'm asking you now to think of Rachel before you let something come out of your mouth. She is, by definition, mentally retarded. It is in the description of Down syndrome. So, when you call yourself or someone or someTHING "retarded", you are saying my beautiful, special, smart daughter to something less then worthy, stupid or ugly. I can assure you, she is none of those. I know sometimes words escape you and what's done is done. I forgive you. I only ask that you commit to not saying it again. Rachel deserves more. Visit this site to take the pledge.


  1. I taught for several years and the look I gave the kids who used that word flippantly... Well, they got the point. It was the parents that really upset me.

    I hope the move is going smoothly.

  2. The students in my class at the beginning of the year were calling the students in the class next door "retarded" and/or making fun of them. NOTHING makes me madder than that as a special education teacher. I mean, the kids in the class next door have different medical and biological or traumatic brain injuries, and they had nothing to do with their disability.

    Irritates me since most of my students are a product of poor parenting, learned helplessness, having no more intruistic motivation to do anything more than disrupt class, laugh when they throw things or call me or peers a curse word... whatever. But you wanna talk junk about someone else??? REALLY? UGhhh! And in the same breath tell me you have "anger issues".

    Sorry, little vent there I guess I got some pent up hostility!

  3. What a great post. It is such an ugly word in so many ways. I remember as a child getting into a couple of scuffles because someone had called my sister that ugly word. It is not a word that will ever be welcomed in our house. I am still surprised that in the US the MR term is still used. Here in Canada we have not used that term for years which is something I am very proud of as we Canadians are usually a bit behind.


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