March 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Jackie-Boy!

My puppy Jack turned 11 yesterday. I cannot believe it! I got Jack in May of 2000 while I was still in college. I had originally wanted an older dog because I didn't think I had the patience for a puppy. It took two trips to the pound (it really was a pound) to convince me that he was my dog. He was the cutest little bundle of fur! I will never forget calling my dad and asking him, after already getting Jack, what he thought of me getting a dog. He said it sounded like a horrible idea and that I should wait until I have a house and a yard. Um. No.
But it only took one meeting of little Jack for my dad to fall in love with him. Jack was a handful. I was on the phone with puppy classes within weeks of having him. He was only 3 months old. They wouldn't accept him until he was at least 6 months. Even when he did take classes his attention span wasn't there but you wouldn't know it now. He listens so well. We used to go for hikes and walks for hours at a time. It was the only way to get all the energy he contained down to a manageable level. Jack has been my traveling companion. We've gone up and down the coast together a couple of times. It was nice having him. He kept me company and we've had lots of adventures together. Old Jackie-boy has slowed a bit but you would never guess he is 11. I think our pug, Dizzy, keeps him moving and keeps him young.
I love you Jack. Happy birthday buddy!


  1. I remember it well. Jack is such a a sweet little guy. Happy b-day!!!


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